About Strategic Scaling’s Referral Program

Strategic Scaling’s referral partners are trusted advisors, helping us navigate the market and deliver personalized experiences. This collaboration unlocks new possibilities, fosters mutual growth, and enriches client experiences. With Strategic Scaling, you gain access to our expertise and a network of exceptional referral partners dedicated to your success. Together, we create tailored solutions and drive remarkable outcomes, guided by their insights and connections.

Strategic Scaling’s Current Partners

Cary Clayborn

Cary is president of Profit Plus. They identify weak spots in a client’s financial management. He is an individual who possesses a profound passion for helping business owners achieve peak profitability, finding immense joy in serving and networking within his business ventures and non-profit commitments. His business interests span across various sectors, including leadership positions within money management, medical sales, energy, technology, and other fields.

Julienna Viegas

Julienna Viegas serves as a regional director at B10 Capital, where her primary focus is assisting private business owners, builders, creators, and innovators in minimizing their most significant expense: taxes. Working alongside a skilled and dedicated team of experts at B10 Capital, they conduct thorough and comprehensive analyses to identify overlooked tax credits and potential tax savings. Their proven and compliant tax strategies aim to address high ordinary income, extraordinary capital gain, and exit-related tax implications, providing clients with valuable solutions.

Steve Conwell

Steve Conwell is the CEO and Owner of Final Ascent, a prominent Mergers & Acquisitions, Exit Strategy, and Legacy Planning firm that caters to middle market businesses throughout the United States. Steve firmly believes that small businesses are the lifeblood of America, driving the entrepreneurial spirit. Through Final Ascent, he is committed to assisting business owners in realizing their aspirations by facilitating the rapid transformation of their small businesses into entities built for sale.

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